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Betty Marion White Ludden 

Betty Marion White was born on January 17, 1922 in Oak Park Illinois to Christine and Horace Logan White. Her only child with her husband Ron Woodman who died at just 29 years old.[19] She never remarried but had many lovers including Andy Warhol[20], Mick Jagger,[21][22] Keith Richards -Rolling Stones guitarist/singer songwriter; Bruce Springsteen—guitarist for diesel band The Boss’s “The E Street Band” which plays rock ‘n’ roll music made popular during the 1950’s & 1960s usually known simply as Rock And Roll . These days most people wouldn’t know what genre is playing if they heard it! Betty has also dated directors Robert Altman

When White’s family moved to Alhambra, California in 1923 she was only a year old. It wasn’t until later during the Great Depression when they found themselves living on scarce income that her dad would trade his homemade crystal radios for other items like dogs just so he could afford something else besides bread each day!

Betty Marion White net worth

net worth

Betty Marion White net worth: $45 million

In the early 1930s Betty White was a child model and appeared in several films, including Smashing the Money Ring, starring Spencer Tracy. In 1939 she began her professional career as a radio actress on The Shirley Temple Show . She also landed roles in a number of movies, most notably with Bob Hope in The Ghost Breakers (1940). White was given her own radio show called “The Betty White Show” which ran for three years producing some 87 episodes. Her success led to appearances on “Texaco Star Theatre” with Fred Allen , “Forever Ernest”, and several other shows. In 1951, after filming four Broadway shows, she moved to California to join the NBC television network . In 1953, she played the wife of her real-life husband, Allen Ludden , on the NBC sitcom “Password”, with guest stars including Tallulah Bankhead and Margaret Truman (daughter of then-President Harry Truman), among others.

Betty Marion White won three Emmy Awards during her career for outstanding continuing performance by a comedienne in a leading role .

She is one of only four actresses to have an Emmy Award, Grammy Award, Oscar  and Tony Award so far! Betty Marion White also holds two records: she is the first actress to win an Emmy more than once–a total of seven. She has won seven Emmys out of 25 nominations, second only to Lucille Ball who had nine Emmys out of 27 nominations. Betty Marion White is also the only person to have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony in the same year (a feat she accomplished in 1978)

Betty Marion White was made famous for hosting Saturday Night Live (SNL) on NBC. Her performance on the show included her opening monologue followed by her skits. The show ended with her saying “May the force be with you” to which cast member Dan Ackroyd always replied “and also with you”. She was SNL’s first woman host -she hosted 7 times-, and when she returned to host in May 2010, she became its oldest host at age 88. She appeared again in season 37 of Saturday Night Live .

Has actress Betty White met Queen Elizabeth II? 

Betty White

Yes, Betty White did meet the Queen! On July 15th of 2011 she was invited to a reception honoring British veterans at Windsor Castle.

Can you tell me more about Betty Marion White’s voice work?

Betty Marion White has done voice over work for animated films such as A Bug’s Life , Monsters Inc ., Chicken Little : acording to her IMDb page  she has done some 16 films with Pixar Animation Studios . She also worked with Walt Disney Feature Animation on films like The Fox and the Hound (1981), in which Betty voiced Widow Tweed; One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961), (uncredited) performing the bark of one of Cruella de Vil ‘s henchmen; and The Rescuers (1977), as the cat Rufus.

Betty Marion White has also done voiceover work for television, including Saturday morning cartoons such as The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan , Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo , Shirt Tales and Friends Forever  (1986) and on some newer shows like Johnny Test . She’s also done work with Hanna Barbera studios doing voices on shows like Smurfs , Snorks . In Disney films she did roles in Cinderella II: Dreams Come True (2002), A Christmas Carol (1999) as well as the video game Kingdom Hearts II . In all Betty Marion White has been involved with at least 34 films where was a voice actor.

Betty White charity work

Betty White charity

Well, yes.  Betty Marion White supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital . She has appeared in a number of shows to help raise money for St. Jude and she is the national spokeswoman for the Conquer Cancer division of the organization which was founded by Danny Thomas (who also started and was involved with “Make-A-Wish”). She also supported the United States armed forces .

The USO is one organization she supported helping with several tours to Iraq and Afghanistan including two tours to Kuwait  and three trips to Guantanamo Bay  in Cuba.

What TV show brought Betty Marion White back into public view? What year did this start? How many seasons does it run currently ?

In 2010 Betty began appearing on TVLand’s Hot In Cleveland as Elka Ostrovsky, the lead character’s best friend. The show was created by Suzanne Martin and has run five seasons so far with a sixth season scheduled to start production in March 2015 .

Why is America fascinated by Betty White

It seems that America just loves Betty Marion White. First of all she is a talented actress who has been involved in very successful television shows and movies during the golden age , silver age and new age of television . She’s also had success as a stand-up comedienne which makes her career span over six decades. She was famous as Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls before taking time off from acting to raise her daughter. When she came back, she returned to TV on Saturday Night Live where many still remember her for. After SNL she got another hit with the show The Mary Tyler Moore Show  and its spin-off Rhoda .

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