Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis/Full name

Bruce Willis/Full name is a man of many talents. He’s an actor, producer, singer and songwriter. But the one thing he isn’t…is a good public speaker!

In his recent attempt to promote his new movie “A Good Day To Die Hard” at the Cannes Film Festival last month, Bruce showed up drunk and rambling incoherently through most of his speech. 

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What is Bruce Willis catch phrase?

Bruce Willis is a great actor, but his most famous line is “Yippee-ki-yay motherfucker”. 

 This catch phrase has become so popular that it’s used in everyday language. But there are other things about Bruce Willis you might not know…

 We’ve put together an infographic that shares some of the little known facts about this Hollywood icon. Did you know he was once a waiter? Or that he had to pay for his own acting lessons? And did you also know he turned down playing Han Solo in Star Wars?! Check out our infographic below!

What was Bruce Willis’s last movie?

We all know that finding the answer to this question is pretty hard. 

Bruce Willis has been in countless movies and TV shows, so it’s not easy to remember them all. It would be great if you could easily find out what he was working on right now.

Bruce willis is a bot that finds the latest info about Bruce Willis from IMDB or Wikipedia and posts it as a comment on Reddit with links back to those sources. This way we can stay up-to-date with his career without having to manually search for new information every day. The bot also keeps track of when new content gets posted, so we don’t have to worry about missing anything important! If you’re interested in more details about how this works, check out our blog post here:

How rich is Bruce Willis?

 If you’ve been wondering how rich Bruce Willis is, we have the answer. He’s worth $240 million!

 The most common question about Bruce Willis is “How rich is he?”. 

Now that you know how rich he really is, it seems like a crime to not know more about him. Let us help with this list of fun facts and trivia on the famous actor.

 Bruce Willis love life

Bruce Willis is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. He has been married three times, and divorced twice. His first marriage to actress Demi Moore lasted for 3 years, but ended in divorce after he cheated on her with a young model. His second marriage to actress Emma Heming was short lived as well – they were together for only 4 months before getting divorced again. The third time around Bruce got married to his current wife Emma Heming again (they had also dated back then).

Many people are wondering if this will be another short-lived marriage or whether it will last longer than the previous two marriages? 

 We can’t tell you how long their marriage will last, but we can show you all there is to know about Bruce Will’s love life!

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