Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, born on January 12th 1964 in Kansas to an American father and a Chinese mother has been called “the richest man in all of human history” with a net worth estimated at around 196 billion dollars as per Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index or third wealthiest person according Forbes Magazine. His company Amazon still maintains its humble beginnings from when it first started out selling books online backronymously named ‘Amazon readings’.

Jeff Bezos is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of .

After making a cross-country drive from New York to Seattle to check out the area for an eventual move, he decided to found Amazon in 1994 after dropping his business plan in the trash where it was later discovered by **Sandi Peppard** who became his first employee. They initially ran the company out of their garage. Bezos’ parents invested some early money into their son’s venture.

Bezos graduated from Princeton University with degrees in electrical engineering and computer science . He worked at Fitel , a financial telecommunications start-up , where he was among its first employees and helped build their Internet network for $18 million, which was sold six years later to MFS Communications Company . After that, he worked for D. E. Shaw & Co , a newly founded hedge fund, in its high-yield bond department .

In 1988, Bezos quit his job at D.E. Shaw and started working on a business plan for what would eventually become . He initially set up the company in his garage because it was cost effective and close to home (he did not want big city problems).

Bezos is married to MacKenzie Bezos; she is an American novelist and founder of Bystander Revolution. They have four children together

Jeff Bezos net worth

net worth

Jeff Bezos makes around $205 million a day. But he’s not just any billionaire – he founded Amazon and turned it into one of the most profitable companies on earth! His salary isn’t lavish by anyone standards: himself or even low-paid employees’ ($81K). That said, when you factor in all his other ventures that are making Mavericks billions each year then Jeff really does live comfortably…

In contrast to many people’s assumptions, Jeff Bezos did not get rich through hard work and determination. He started out with nothing more than an idea for a company in 1994 when he founded which currently employs over 532 thousand people worldwide!

Is anyone richer than Jeff Bezos

It’s hard to imagine a person who could be richer than Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.For the fourth year running, Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest with a net worth of $177 billion. He also topped Forbes’ list for three other years in 2010 to 2012 and again this past January 2019 ranking as well despite being only number five last time around – but he might not be there much longer! Elon Musk rocketed into second place at 151 followed by Warren Buffet ($100B), Mark Zuckerberg ($75BN)and reinvigorated Windows creator Bill Gates ($70 B). Together these billionaires make up less than 10% since 2020 when their collective fortune was Merely 8 trillion dollars – now its close enough too see where money goes during earthquaking times

How much does Amazon make a day 2021

Amazon. As of 2021, the company makes up to $680 million every day and during pandemic experienced a massive increase in consumer base with its average revenue increasing by three times according to existing data gained nearly 50 million new prime users within 2020.” On average they earn 7300 per second which is equivalent too less than 1/5th penny spent on advertising each second!

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