Live Update: Kobe Bryant Death Due to Helicopter Crash 2020

Live Update: Kobe Bryant Death Due to Helicopter Crash 2020

Kobe Bryant Death

Kobe Bryant Death recently on 26 January 2020 at the death place in Calabasas, California, United States. Kobe Bryant’s death caused a helicopter crash at the spot helicopter that burst alongside 7 other members traveling with Kobe and his daughter was traveling with father.

All members at the spot are dead.  Kobe was a Los Angeles professional athlete, a good husband as well as included in good friend lists. Suddenly tragedy Kobe was lost, a good player NBA won championships. He died because the weather is foggy, not clear, that’s why pilots do not focus on the route, so helicopters crash on hillside areas.

Sikorsky S-76 helicopter

Kobe was traveling on a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter at Orange County’s John Wayne airport on the 9:06 am Sunday flight. This flight publically available in Kobe. Many authorities related to flight management, investigate the cause of the crash helicopter. This helicopter was ready in 1991 and registered in island Express Holding Corp for the use of traveling flights.

This company nowadays says after this crash incident, we have informed the management and investigation teams because our first priority is safety than any action from the authorities because our company will inform S-76 customers alongside another hand Island Express Holding Corp was called many times but not respond to our calls on Sunday.

Many people were present, the place of the helicopter crash site and Kobe’s Helicopter crash on the slope in a violent crush of metal. He has a star as a professional basketball player and his travel with daughter Gianna for basketball tournaments. Both died in a crash at the spot of the dead Kobe, his daughter and seven other people traveling on the helicopter.

Gianna and Kobe left the family, his wife’s name is Vanessa, three daughters such as Natalia is 17 years old, Bianka 3-year-old, as well as Capri, is seven months old. On during flat 7 other people’s names are not released because not confirm members travel with Kobe’s, but some news informed other victims names such as basketball coach John Altobelli and coach his wife travel with husband and alongside coach daughter, Alyssa was traveling with family on this flight.

Both were worked in Orange Coast College alongside the assistant coach of girls’ basketball name is Christina Mausar from Mamba Sports Academy and Christina’s husband travel with the wife. So, all victims died at the spot. After the helicopter crash, paramedics teams arrived at the crash spot, all victims checked but no survivor. Fans are sad for listening to Kobe’s dead news. However, fans gather near the site of the deadly helicopter crash on Sunday.

Kobe was passionate about our future and nowadays he was a successful basketball player, celebrity on social media as well as his was a political leader, and also loved his own family. He was a thrilled, inspiring, motivating person for everyone and he always lived in his own fans’ hearts.

He won many gold medals such as the Olympics in 2008 and once again gold medal won in 2012 alongside he had the highest score in 33.643 points, kids/ youngsters his idolize. Many matches were played at different institutes such as Mamba Sports Academy and so on.

He worked as girls coaching and read the motivational person statement then he was motivated by these statements and implemented our own future. He was an amazing personality and popular for athletes like basketball. We lost a good basketball player and disheartening news for every one of kobs fans.  

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