Mike Wolfe Net Worth in 2020 $500,000

Mike Wolfe

Mike is annually the income according to him, over the year closeout approximately $5 million and this income was created an antique store and show or American Picker and as a hobby, he is published three books and other free time he produced/ released music albums. Mike Wolfe Net Worth is also discussed.

 Mike family is not financial good then he was very working hard in antique reseller, TV star, producer and writer. Mike bought the low-price antique price and sell the high price and make a profit for this business.

In 2010, TV networking very strong because already released over 270 episodes on History Channel of American Picker show and Many fans/ viewers in millions see the American Picker show. In 1989 to 1998, the creator was buying the low-price bikes and motorcycles than in double triple amount sell the bikes and motorcycles while making some profit. Mike is a successful and self-made millionaire person, celebrity and good example of people. 


Mike Wolfe Biography/ Personal Life & Origin

Mike Wolfe is a professional Antique reseller, Producer, Actor, and writer and he is an American citizen and his over the year closeout of Net worth approximately/ round out is $5 Million. Mike was born on 11 June 1964 at Joliet, Illinois, United state and star/ Horoscope is Gemini & mike is a 54-year-old.

Mike height is 6ft & 0inch approximately 1.83m and his hair color is Gray and Eye color is Honey and mikes family ethnicity is white. His parents were Rita Wolfe and siblings are Robbie Wolfe and Beth Wolfe.

Mike Wolfe net worth

Mike marital status is married and his wife is Jodi Faeth and mike marry was 2012 with Jodi Faeth and on 30 January 2012, the mike family was welcome daughter is Charlie Faeth Wolfe and Mike his loved with wife and spend time with family.

Mike was belonging to a poor family and mike in young age, separated his parents. And he is not pleasure and comfort about life because this reason was, his family condition was very poor.

He is an antique hunter and TV Reality star and mike before start elementary, he was looking antiques and other hidden things in antiques. Mike was a successful TV Reality show known as American Picker.

Mike Wolfe net worth $4 million
Mike Wolfe Date of birth June 11, 1964
Mike Wolfe Age 55 years
Mike Wolfe Nationality American
Mike Wolfe Profession Tv star
Mike Wolfe wife Jodi Faeth
Mike Wolfe Kids Charlie Faeth Wolfe

Mike is antique picking bikes and motorcycle and open was antique store known as Antique Archeology and his fan old-style music he produced music album known as Music to Pick By in 2019 and he is donated charity different institute/ hospitals & animal shelter house etc.

Mike has the owner of Beautiful and clean house located in LeClaire, Iowa and hose cover the area or established this house 5,100 sq ft at the cover this area and alongside the collection of 40 motorcycles in different models, every model is so impressive.  


Mike Wolfe Career

Mike Wolfe in teenage has been hardworking then he was a self-made millionaire and he is Celebrity of TV Reality show and as a good example for other people. Mike doesn’t a renowned academic certificate that’s why he did not share academic qualification and degree on media or any site.

Mike career was starting when he was childhood while he was searching things, one mike like the old/ antique bike then he was buying the $50 then his clean the bike and sell the $5000 that’s why mike was very happy this big profit for a career.

He is collect & search items/ things then he was selling the items in a different antique store. Alongside in teenage, start the TV show “The American Picker” on Discovery channel with Frank Fritz. Mike is donated fund in charity events like an animal shelter, childcare, and Jude Children’s Hospital, Operation Smile & the ASCPA, etc.

 His wrote the book for kids as an author known as Kid Picker: How to Turn Junk into Treasure while he is interested in music and released different albums and Mike fans on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so many more other media that’s why mike is active on media.

Mike Wolfe Net Worth

Mike Wolfe is earned a lot of income from his career. They buy a lot of properties from their income. Houses, Cars and Beautiful villas are owned by Mike. He income is increasing day by day. Wiki, Wife, child information also available. Nowadays,  Mike Wolfe net worth is $5 million USD according to our resources.


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