Phaedra Parks Net Worth And Bio 2020

Phaedra Parks net worth

Phaedra Parks  is a successful person/ amazing personality for everyone & she is a role model for people and she is a professional TV star and motivational speaker then Phaedra Parks net worth is $2 million, Phaedra Parks last year income or salary over the year/ per year according to his closeout is $3 Million.

She is not a show about lifestyle on media as compared to other celebrity and her luxurious life. She is a millionaire lady and a good example for disheartening people.

She achieves the awards her career and as her responsible successful person her goal achieved then her is an entertainment lawyer and TV personality and she does not show or not mention or not pic show on social about house & car but her famous on social media and many fan or popular on social media like/ such as Youtube, facebook etc.


Phaedra Parks Biography/ personal life/ Early Life

Phaedra Parks was born on 26 October 1973 at Athens, Georgia, the United States and her horoscope or zodiac sign is Scorpio & she is an American professional actor and reality celebrity as a TV host or star while according to his approximately close out total over the year net worth Maximize.

Phaedra Parks is a gorgeous & amazing personality and weight is 58 kg approximately/ round out 1.58 m, hair color is light brown and height is 152cm and she was married to Apollo Nida but she was divorced and 2 children both name is Ayden Nida, Dylan Nida. Her family lives from a child at Buckhead Community of Atlanta.

Phaedra Parks net worth

She is 44 years old and her mother Regina Bell and father Henry Parkes and 2 siblings and she are starting a career as a legal analyst like CNX, NBC, Entertainment tonight and EXTRA, while she is a professional TV star and her so pretty, hard-working and alongside her, is a motivational speaker.

Phaedra Parks was popular in acting TV star and Many fans loved so much and popular in people and a good example of people. she was native or nationality United States of America.

She is a TV reality series perform known as Real Housewives of Atlanta and this show high rated and there are only 5 seasons released and her tell the motivational speeches with people.


Phaedra Parks Career

Phaedra Parks is a good or real housewife in Atlanta and her career start was 1st show on the screen in season three and in 1993 she was attending Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia she enrolled was  Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication.

Her grew up city at Athens, Georgia then after graduation, in 1998 her enrolled was a law degree from the University of Georgia then complete the study her started the job as a house law firm from Bridges, Ormand & Faenza, a Geico the she was attending the clients and agree the clients for drama and tours.

And she was practicing the law degree as a judge and hiring the case represent her them. Then she was earning start as a partner of Parks Group PC and parks was deal with criminal defense cases, athletes and as a TV star.

she was on screen different cases deals legal analyst such as or include/ like NBC and Entertainment Tonight and she was some popular celebrity cases deals like Michael Jackson and Ludacris and many more high profile clients.

she was many achievements and achieve the awards, in 2006 Attorney of the year Phaedra Parks was received the award and then published this achieve on magazine known as Rolling Out Magazine and The Atlanta Business Chronicle and he is also popular on social media like or such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and so many more media.

Phaedra Parks Net Worth

Phaedra worked a lot as Famous Tv Celebrity and earned money. Nowadays, Phaedra Parks net worth increased and also buying properties, houses, and Luxury Cars. About his Bio information also already share on this Article. Phaedra a lot of fans following on the social platform.

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