Richard Gere

Richard Gere

What does Richard Gere do now?

 We all know that Richard Gere is a famous actor, but what does he do now? He’s been retired from acting for years. What has he been up to lately? Since retiring from acting in the early 2000s, Richard Gere has become an activist and philanthropist. He founded The Gere Foundation in 2001 with his wife, actress Carey Lowell. They both serve as co-chairs of this organization dedicated to helping people suffering from AIDS/HIV around the world through treatment and prevention programs as well as community outreach initiatives. In 2016 alone they helped bring medical supplies worth over $5 million dollars into Haiti after the devastating earthquake there two years earlier. 

The foundation also supports other causes such as women’s rights advocacy organizations working to end sex trafficking throughout India and Nepal, environmental protection efforts in China protecting endangered species like giant pandas, providing relief aid following natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Typhoon Haiyan 


 Richard Gere net worth

We all know that Richard Gere is rich, but how rich?After the success of Pretty Woman, Gere was paid $10 million for his next movie. A year later he bought a home in Malibu for $8 million and then spent another $2 million renovating it. He also owns a private jet and several luxury cars including a Ferrari Enzo which cost him around half a million dollars.

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Richard Gere movies

Richard Gere is universally loved for his acting skills, but also he’s known as one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. He started his career with movies like “An Officer and a Gentleman”, “American Gigolo” or “Pretty Woman”.

But what if you are not into romantic comedies? What if you’re looking for something more serious? 

 We have gathered all of Richard Gere’s best movies here. If you want to see him play a bad guy then check out the movie “Internal Affairs.” Or maybe action is your thing then watch him in the film “The Jackal.” No matter which genre you prefer, there’s no doubt that our list has it covered.

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