The End of KUTWK’S ERA

Keeping Up with the Kardashians old

FROM 2007-2021

After 14 years, The Kardashian-Jenner clan took to social media to announce the ending of their show “Keeping Up With Kardashians”. Though the last season brought many tears, it also brought up the many special moments for the family, and how far they came. That is why they ended off on a family trip giving messages to their future selves, and digging a time capsule. The reality show started when the three sisters and Rob were in their mid twenties, while Kendall and Kylie were just under 10. So its easy to say that they all grew up in the spot light. As they all say, they wouldn’t nearly as successful had been for KUWTK, and every opportunity was given to them. One of the big reasons why they decided to end it off was because of their contract with E! Network, as the previous seasons are now located in Hulu. Plus how their children are starting to grow up, it would make sense for them to have a somewhat “normal” childhood. A special 2 part reunion premiered just a week or two from the ending, where the sisters, mom, Andy Cohen, and Scott Disick answer questions, everyones been wanting to know. Whether you like them or not, its undeniable to say of how successful they’ve all came, and the big influence they have on society. Fortunately for some, the family wont just stop now, as they take all their business to streaming apps like Instagram or Twitter. Also, though its not clear yet, there are some speculations about a future show with just certain members coming soon, but nothing has yet to be confirmed.  

KUWTK Reunion!

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