Courtney Cox’s Net Worth & Biography

Courtney Bass Cox is an American actress, director, and producer. Born on June 15, 1964, in Birmingham Alabama, to parents Courtney Bass and Richard Lewis Cox. She is most well-known for playing Monica Geller in 1900’s-2000’s hit sitcom “Friends”.  

Youth/ Early Start 

Courtney cox young

Growing up, Cox was the youngest sibling in the family, and then lived with her mother and stepfather (who is related to a music producer) when her parents split in 1974. During her childhood, she enjoyed swimming and playing tennis, but went into a major of architecture in college. However, she soon dropped out to pursue a career in modeling which would lead her into the acting world. 

After a getting a few roles here and there, her first big break was for Bruce Springsteen’s music video for “Dancing in the Dark”. Some of her early work includes in “Misfits in Science”, “The Love Boat”, and  Lauren Miller in “Family Ties”. 


Courtney cox in friends

Her most successful role was when she played Monica Geller in “Friends”. The famous sitcom is about 6 friends living in New York City, who learn to face life and love. Monica is a cooking and cleaning lover, who is known to be the usual host and “mother” of the group. This show is not only the most successful, its also the most re-watched. During the later seasons, the cast got paid millions for each episode, and fans beg them to do a reunion after 17 years since the shows ending. 

Other hits 

Besides from “Friends”, her other success comes from landing the role for Gale Weathers in “Scream” (a horror film ). She did so well, the movie made two other sequels “Scream 2” in 1997, “Scream 3” in 2000, and “Scream 4” in 2011. She then starred as Lucy Spiller in “FX”, later “Dirt” (which she played with her ex-husband), “Scrubs’, and “Bedtime stories” with Adam Sandler. In 2009, Courtney played in “Cougar Town”, about a 40 year old single mom living life and sharing her experiences. Her other film was “TalhotBlond”, and directed/produced “Just Before I Go”, “Celebrity Name Game”, and finally starring in “mothers and Daughters”. 


Her more recent work include, “9 months”, “Last Chance U”, and more upcoming projects 

Personal Life/ Relationships 

courtney and David
XXXXXX arrives at the “Scream 4” World Premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on April 11, 2011 in Hollywood, California.
Courtney and snow

Courtney married David Arquette in 1999, and had daughter named Coco Arquette in 2004. Though they had been together for a while, the couple filed for divorce in 2013. Cox then began dating Snow Patrol late that year and got engaged in 2014. The couple continues to be together to this day.  

Net Worth 

Courtney Cox is highest paid actresses, and she’s worth $150 million 

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